Train ATCs for enabling review of operation manuals in accordance with ICAO standard.

Train OJT instructors and Simulators trainer for developing training plans, then teach all ATC.

Target / Beneficial CPs:

18 ATC officers in UTDD, UTDL, UTDK & UTDT

6 ATC Instructors + All OJT Instructors

8 Aerodrome Simulator Trainers + All Sim. Trainers


Japanese Experts:

Mr. Hideo Watanabe (1-4 and 1-5 / Aug 2017-)

Mr. Akio Sakae (1-7 AD Sim ToT / Sep 2017-)

Mr. Tomonori Orita (1-6 AD Sim. Procurement)


MAvA Instructors for existing Radar Sim.:

Mr. Dolhan bin Issa

Mr. Azmin bin Faizul

Mr. Mohd Razi bin Abu Samah

Mr. Mohd Effendy bin Mansor

Summary of TAN's ATC ratings and Training Structure

Transition of Expert's input on Activity 1-4  (Manual Review)

Original Plan in 2017/2

(approved by JICA HQ in Feb.)

F/U Trainings  were cancelled

by ATC-1 Expert in 2017/4

Changed in 2017/4

by Mr. Yoshida

Changed in 2017/7

by Mr. Watanabe

Expert Input in 2017/8/14

Observation in Oct

W/G's in Nov (canceled)

C/U Expert Input in Jan 2018

W/G's in May 2018

Summary of Activity 1-3, 1-6 and 1-7

Original AD Sim trainer's training plan

by TF-1  and AD Sim Expert in 7 Sep 2017

Actual results of serise of trainings / outcomes



Training in abroad (MAvA, GroupEAD and EUROCONTROL) by Project budget


Training or Technology Transfer (TA) by Japanese expert






To improve Air Traffic Services (ATS) in Tajikistan.

All ATC officers working at ATC units maintain ATC ratings in line with ICAO standards through TAN’s continuing training program.




To enhance capacity of Tajikairnavigation (TAN) in Air Traffic Services (ATS).

All ATC officers working at ATC units have passed training in line with ICAO standards conducted by OJT instructors and simulator trainers.



To enhance capacity of training for Air Traffic Control (ATC) officers in line with ICAO standards.


1-1: To conduct training of ATC officers on aerodrome, approach and area control services

1-2: To conduct OJT instructor training for selected ATC officers

1-3: To conduct instructor training for simulator trainers

1-4: To review and if necessary improve Operation Manuals

1-5: To conduct OJT on aerodrome, approach and area control services

1-6: To procure aerodrome simulator

1-7: To conduct simulator trainings


1-1: At least 80% of ATC officers /OJT instructors/Simulator trainers who attended training courses have completed trainings successfully.

1-2: Operation Manual has been reviewed and improved if necessary

1-3: Each of the OJT instructors has conducted OJT on aerodrome, approach and/or area control services at least 2 times.

1-4: Aerodrome simulator has been operational.

1-5: Each of the simulator trainers has been conducting simulator training at least 3 times per month.