TF-2 TA by Japanese Expert



Training in abroad (MAvA, GroupEAD and EUROCONTROL) by Project budget


Training or Technology Transfer (TA) by Japanese expert






To improve Air Traffic Services (ATS) in Tajikistan.

The rate of unsafe occurrences with regard to ATC in Tajikistan will decrease.




To enhance capacity of Tajikairnavigation (TAN) in Air Traffic Services (ATS).

The contingency plan and SMS for ATC have been implemented.



To enhance capacity of ATC officers with regard to ICAO recommendations.


2-1. To develop ATC contingency plan

2-1-1: To conduct basic training on contingency plan

2-1-2: To improve the draft contingency plans

2-1-3: To conduct exercise of contingency procedures

2-1-4: To request approval of CAA on the contingency plans for implementation

2-2. To improve Safety Management System (SMS)

2-2-1: To obtain necessary knowledge of SMS

2-2-2: To develop and update SMS Manual

2-2-3: To establish risk management process

2-2-4: To implement safety risk management and safety assurance

2-2-5: To conduct SMS training and education for ATC officers


2-1-1: 2 ATC officers have completed basic course on contingency plan successfully.

2-1-2: Exercise of contingency procedures has been conducted successfully.

2-1-3: The contingency plans have been approved by CAA for implementation.

2-2-1: 2 ATC officers have completed courses on SMS successful.

2-2-2: SMS Manual has been developed and updated

2-2-3: Risk management process has been established

2-2-4: Safety risk management and safety assurance have been implemented

2-2-5: SMS training and education for all ATC officers have been conducted